On Sunday mornings, we worship together at 10:00am

  • Are you a lifelong Christian or a new believer?

  • Want to find out what Christianity is about?

  • Do you seek a place of sanctuary where you can refresh your spirit?


Whatever your circumstance, a warm welcome awaits you at Albany Presbyterian Church. Spend time with us in our Sunday worship and you will discover that our approach to worship, prayer and reflection can be described as 'actively contemplative'.


Times of engagement remind us we are in community and times of quietness allow us to reflect on the message given and to become aware of God in stillness as well as through word, prayer music, poetry and images.

We provide space for all to receive and respond to the unconditional love of God for us in Christ. We learn Christ’s will from the teachings of the Bible as the Word of God, and meditate and reflect on it, seeking to find God in ordinary, everyday life as well as in ‘religious’ activities.


In a relaxed and informal way, we combine celebration and sharing with quietness and stillness, so we may have our lives renewed by the love of God. We recognise God engages with us through our traditions, our scriptures and through our experiences and we seek to give voice to each of these.

Our children and young people participate in the first part of the worship service before heading out to their Sunday School and Youth Group programmes. We have a preschool programme for infants to age 2-4, a children's Sunday School program for age 5 through to intermediate, and Youth Group classes for intermediate through to secondary school.


All are welcome to join in communion on the first and third Sundays of every month.


This is a time of reflection and connection with the mystery of God as known to us in the person of Jesus Christ. We believe that in participating together in the bread and wine/grape juice is an immeasurable and sacred time to commune with God.

After our service we join together for coffee, tea and conversation in The Lodge. We encourage you to come and catch up - we'd like to get to know you better!

Albany Presbyterian Church, 539 Albany Highway, Albany, Auckland

PO Box 300 147, Albany, Auckland, 0632